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Introduction of different kinds of flower stands
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Imitation wood flower rack

With color, texture realistic; durable; maintenance-free; anti-theft, etc., and the natural ecological environment with a very harmonious. Imitation wood imitation garden landscape products both to meet the landscaping facilities or outdoor leisure supplies of the practical functions and beautify the environment, won the user favorite.

Imitation wood flower rack, with its natural and realistic performance, to the cultural square, parks, community add a strong artistic atmosphere.

Protecting the limited forest resources on Earth is the place to protect the survival of mankind. As a new type of ecological landscape products, its application and promotion is our practical action to protect the environment and cherish nature.

Solid wood flower racks

Modern people increasingly pursue high quality and healthy life, solid wood flower racks are gradually approaching people's lives. Solid wood flower frame used by the material are pure natural wood, no paint, zero formaldehyde. Assembly and splitting are very simple. Products can be recycled when recycling!

Iron flower rack

Light and easy to build, structural sections and weight are small, when used to pay attention to the use of regional and select the type of climbing plants, so as not to hurt the young shoots, and should always paint conservation, to prevent stripping corrosion.