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PVC three anti-Peng cloth retention methods and cleaning methods
- Sep 30, 2017 -

First, that is, to do the folding and packing tarpaulins, the specific approach is as follows:

1 first to the tarpaulin face up flat out, remember to leave two end rope (D type for the rope), and then the length of both sides of the direction of the longitudinal direction of the tarpaulin.

2 fold easy to use, probably well and clearly reveal the tarp on the small road emblem and tarpaulin number, so that the next use. The intention of folding the tent is to facilitate the transfer of tarpaulin, security, copy number, loading, counting, accumulation and custody.

3 and then folded the two sides evenly divided into three, toward the vertical midline successive fold twice.

4 will be the width of the direction of both sides of the tarpaulin to the horizontal direction of the tarpaulin, after each successive half to the center twice (D type for three times), forced to strong.

5 will be tied with a reserved rope, double-sided bundle of cross, must be tied tightly tied together, with the rope head fortress, can not show loosening and rope buckle, nor delay the bundled tarpaulin.

PVC three anti-tarpaulins how clean: there are significant stains in the center of some clean, such as oil can be used to clean detergent, to completely clean the time to use a soft brush to wash, completely rinse, cool in the sun, Add some salt or white vinegar, and then immersed in the package about thirty minutes, you can prevent fading, washing can handle PVC three anti-Peng cloth clean.