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The Application of Iron Flower Stand in Landscape Design
- Sep 30, 2017 -

In the garden design, the iron flower rack is mainly to support the growth of vine plants and structures. As the iron flower stand can show the plant branches, leaves, flowers, fruit shape color of the United States, so the decorative features of the garden sketch. Iron flower frame in the form of extremely rich, scaffolding, corridor, pavilion, fence, mast, etc., so it also has a certain architectural features. Garden of the flower frame can be decorated as a comedy, but also for the local space of the main scene; both a rest for the viewing of the architectural facilities, but also an ideal form of three-dimensional green. Set the iron flower frame not only will not reduce the proportion of green space, but because of the close combination of plants and buildings so that the garden of artificial beauty and natural beauty to get an excellent unity. Although there is a professional, a little talk around, but the iron flower rack in the garden design status is indeed the case, we can see a lot of international design works, including the Shanghai World Expo after the design of the park, are inseparable from the application of flower.