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Use canvas tents to pay attention to what
- Sep 30, 2017 -

1, the choice of the occasion

Tent support should be selected in a relatively flat area, tarpaulin factory entrance should be back to the outlet, the ground should be relatively dry, if the thin lawn for the best, such as the ground a little slope, the export should be selected at the downhill, so easy to trench drain.

2, support and fixed.

After the spread of the tent should be fixed before the four corners of the account, so that the bottom of the tent on the ground paved the prison, if conditions, under the tent pad can be mats, so that can protect the bottom of the tent, but also to achieve the best waterproof effect. Support the foreign account, in addition to the connection with the Penglao reliable, pay special attention to pull the rope, so that the external account taut, to facilitate the account to achieve the best rain, skirts of the tent, the application of soft soil or sand pressure Well, winter can also be used snow pressure, which is more conducive to wind. The nail must be fixed with an angle of inclination of 35-45 degrees, and the distance and direction of the nail should be the same axis as the rope, and the rope and the nail are at an angle of 90 degrees, which is conducive to the maximum Force strength. In the fixed order should pay attention to the corresponding fixed, for example: first left front angle, followed by the right rear corner, right rake angle, left rear corner, the entire tent fixed, adjust the rope pull the rope so that all aspects of tension force consistent. After a good tent, check the distance between the inside and outside the account, if posted together, the impact of rain and anti-dew, should be adjusted.

3, digging ditch

Camping, if possible rain, digging ditch program must not be omitted, the ditch should be close to the outer edge of the tent, if not with skirts of the tent, the location of the ditch should be outside the flow of water into the ditch is appropriate, Drainage dug in the tent around, so that the water can be discharged smoothly.