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What is the construction process of the flower rack?
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Antiseptic wood flower frame construction process:

Grass-roots treatment → wall sub-grid line → column positioning → beam positioning → angle installation → check the grid, check the grid, flatness and firmness → open → column installation → main beam installation → vice beam installation → paint → wall cleaning → test.

Construction process:

The quality of the main structure is more affected by the position of the skeleton, and it directly affects the size of the dry stone. The size of the main structure is the same as the quality of the main structure. Vertical position of the wall. Defects in the pores and surfaces of the main structure should also be carefully treated. The wall is divided into the main structure of the antique wood flower racks. And then determine the position of the main beam. The total beam spacing is divided between 300mm and 400mm according to the total length of the main beam.