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A Trash Can Story
- Sep 30, 2017 -

I was a trash, and I was standing in a large city center ...

I am empty every day, but looked at the garbage day and night wrapped around the grass, grass it whining crying: ah! You throw the garbage to me who do? Woo u ... ... you see, trash Brother, it is empty, my stomach is not empty! Well! Hate ... ... these things not only for the grass Buyiburao, but also on the ground playing stinky face. Seeking garbage: you can fly to the trash? There is only one banana skin! Tell you, I will not leave! Garbage with a heavy tone on the ground said.

I want to think, every night, always looking forward to look at the cleaning staff, hope they can fill my stomach, but the cleaner also took it no way, because here day and night to accumulate Garbage, forming a garbage mountain.

Finally one day, to a dozen garbage truck, was reluctantly to the garbage to go, also sold me to the school.

In the school, the lovely children often scrambled to pick up trash, naturally, I eat breakfast every morning, until the children in the evening school, the cleaners from my stomach out of garbage.

Later, I came around a good brother, it is called not recyclable trash, my name has changed, called recyclable trash cans where the children put these garbage, are firmly in mind, and occasionally, they do not Be careful to put non-recyclable waste in the recyclable trash, but they always pick up and re-run.

Earth is home, we should protect the environment, not damage the environment. Protect the environment from a child to start, so that every day the earth will be better.