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Autumn Leaves Fall Repair - Your Pruning Shears Ready?
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Pruning pay attention to "look, pumping, cut, check":

1), see: look at the inherent growth habits of the pruning object and the specific site conditions, the main branches of the distribution structure of the tree is reasonable, the main branch between the crown and the upper and lower growth potential is balanced, vegetative growth and reproductive growth is coordinated, Determine the appropriate pruning techniques.

2), pumping: the impact of the growth and development of trees, destruction of tree structure, disturbing the tree, pests and diseases caused by perennial branches, and even the backbone of the first cut, so that the basic tree to achieve the purpose of pruning and pruning.

3), cut: the structure of the tree in line with the basic requirements of the basis of the requirements, and then the specific side of the main branches of the pruning, follow the retention of strong and not stay, stay outside the principle of leaving, the use of short, Technology to make the tree more perfect plastic.

4), check: the basic completion of the pruning, the entire tree to conduct a serious review of the wrong shear, leakage cut place to give correction or repair, starting from the whole, check the trees between the adverse effects and adjust.