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Teach You To Quickly Understand The Composition Of The Tent And Build
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Tent body

Pillar: also known as the column, vertical erected on the ground. There is a straight or one or two, three connected to the various types. The curvature of some tubular struts needs to be connected by wire. The general material is fiberglass, generally 7 knots.

Border: used in warhead tents or cottages tents, short bar material into a pillar or pillars.

The top part of the tent.

A part of an inclined surface.

The wall part of the tent side. Some tents are not at all.

Shelter: part of the roof, open to the front, with other pillars support.

Door: the entrance for the tent. Window on the other side. A mat on a floor that floats on a floor. If the wet weight of the place, but also need to lay a layer of bamboo mat.

Flying pad: on the roof of the tent, and then lay another pad to cover the strong daylight. The second floor roof

Main rope: also known as column rope. From the ends of the pillars separated, the role of the column to avoid tilt, and nail fixed.

A rope extending from the four corners of a tent and fixed with a nail.

The waistline extends from the bottom of the roof of the tent and is fixed with nails.

Nail: also called nails, used to insert the ground to the bottom of the fixed rope and tent curtain. There are wooden. Made of metal and synthetic resin.

Wood hammer or hammer: use the nail into the ground. Made of wood or metal buckle, attached to the main rope or angle rope parts. The cable passes through the two holes between them and moves to control the cable.

Bag: the cloth and pillars, nails, wood hammer received a good bag.