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The Effect Of Steel Wooden Trash On Gardens And Scenic Spots
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Steel wood trash cans, also known as anti-corrosion wood, plastic wood trash, the user is a very familiar with a trash can, although not used in many places, but the main role of steel wood trash or reflected in the garden And scenic side here, let's take a look at the reasons below.

Steel wood trash cans on the role of gardens and scenic spots:

1. Steel wood trash is a combination of high-quality steel and solid wood produced a product, because people generally go to the garden or scenic play map is a quiet and peaceful, empty thinking, if the garden or scenic area placed steel wood trash , There is no metal texture of the city, only the integration of wood and wood, giving a feeling of exposure to nature, is not a very good choice.

2. Steel wood trash can be customized, if in accordance with the garden or scenic environment to design, it is not a garden or scenic spot can be a major bright spot, you can install the guests litter, but also can dress up the area or garden, The best of both worlds, why not!

Steel wood trash can not be steel trash and stainless steel trash the kind of metal texture, very consistent with the kind of garden and scenic nature of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, so in the area or garden using steel wood trash is the largest garden and scenic Protection, reducing the kind of metal texture of the city of the destruction of nature, restore the beautiful nature.