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What Are The Characteristics Of The Clip-on Iron Flower Stand?
- Sep 30, 2017 -

A tailor-made flower frame designed for climbing plants. Can be placed in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, study, can also be placed in the office of the conference room, front desk and so on.

Exactly this is a flower pot, not just a flower flower stand. Because it has a unique folder can be clip-style, climbing plants can provide a good stent. The top of the iron flower frame is round, and the bracket is firm, so the director of the plant can easily lift it up. At the bottom of the flower rack there is an intelligent reversible wire, which not only provides a slow support for the central part of the plant, but also with the central part of the growth direction of the twist.

Therefore, the design of this folder-type iron flower frame on the plant center parts of the growth of a very good help. It is worth mentioning that this folder can be cut-style iron flower rack is removable, if not, will be fixed on both sides of the flower pot to open the clip to remove the flower rack. "Today, more and more consumers like to use climbing plants to decorate their homes, which are easy to use and can increase the space utilization of climbing plants, so it is very easy to use," said the designer, Favored by consumers. "